Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wakhan Corridor Trek - Off to a great start

Well this trip has got off to a fault start.

Flight to Riga from Gatwick airport was depayed and we missed our flight to Dushanbe.

We rearrange our plans so that we spend the night in Riga and then fly to Villious and onto Moscow and then onto Dushanbe just a day late after a 24 hour travel day.

Big problem although we were told that it wasn't a problem. We were told that we did not need a visa for russia as we would be in transit. Wrong... we were not allowed on the flights and were refused boarding. So now waiting at the airport to fly back to Riga and fly onto Istanbul tomorrow and meet the main group at the aiport and arrive at 03;40 just 2 days late....

Heh oh. Ade Summers

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