Monday, September 13, 2010

G'day all. Hope all's well with you.

I am back in KTM and relaxing and getting organised before I have a busy time. It is so good to be back here with good food and beer.

However I must say that I had a great time in Pakistan and so glad I went. Pakistan is the real adventure country and it makes Nepal seam tame. Every day there is exciting and an adventure. It is a really shame that no tourist want to go there as there is so much to see and do, and the people so warm, helpfully and friendly. A real contrast to want is perceived when you want TV or read the papers. It is also a real shame with all the problems with terrorism and now the major floods.

Anyway back to Nepal. I am off to Bhutan on the 16th for the Thimphu festival and to trek the Cholohari trek. This trek has to be slightly changed as one of the bridges has been washed away with no other way to cross the river. I am quietly exciting about returning to Bhutan.

After that and a few days off, I head out on a new trip to the remote Tibetan valleys of Naa and cross the rarely visited passes and valleys of the Domar Himal to the Forbidden Kingdom of Mustang. Really looking forward to that.

I am then off to Makalu base camp a private trip around Manasulu and a side trip to the Tsum valleys, more on them later.

Best go, beer calling.


Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Hi from Pakistan

I have witness here the devastation and destruction to the recent rains and flooding. I have a good friend who is working for a local relief agency. I anyone wishes to donate some money to a very worthy cause then please contact me and I will past on their details. You can be assured that 100% of cash donated will be used for essentials such as tents, clothing, food, water and medicines.

Also I was asked again by the village elders of Hushe to assist them in getting an English speak teacher. If you are interested or know anyone who may be interested please pass on my details. Only qualification is to be a native English speaker and a big sense of adventure.

Hi all.

Hope all's well with you. I am relaxing in a friends hotel in Gilgit northern Pakistan. Great to be here after all the problems with the rains, floods and landslides.

I after a hard but good trek to K2 base camp, we had to drive back to Islamabad on a b road via the babusar pass as the main Karakorum highway was un-drivable due 3 bridges being wash away. Great journey although a little tiring taking 2 days.

Once the group left I head back into the mountains. I was lucky as i met a friend of mine jeep driver and got a lift in his jeep. Will head north soon to Hunza and have a look at the new Attabad lake.

Take care all the best


Just arrived in Skardu after a good but hard trek.

Hope to fly tomorrow back to Islamabad.

Off for a shave and a beer oops tea.

more soon
Hi all from Skardi in Baltistan.

Finally managed to mak it here after the second time to try and fly here. We have driven but most of the bridges are ut between Islamabad and here so flying was the only real option. There is 1 landslide on the road to Asole where we start our trek but that should be no problem to cross.

Got to go