Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bartang Valley

Well where to start. Marc staryed in Dushanbe to meet the group and hopefully be reunited with his bag, while I and 3 clients (Mindy Tiffany and Peter) who made it to Dusahanbe decided to take off and explore the Bartang valley. They say that good things comes out of a bad situation and we had the best time. The Bartang Valley is fantastic!what a find. I will recomend that we visit this valley on any trip that is coming this way.

We drove up a bit of a bumpy side road when it ended at one of those crazy suspension bridges you get in this part of the world. We did a quick repack and took just want we needed for the night and for a day walk and proceeded to cross the raging Khrog river which we could clearly see inbetween the slacks of the bridge.

A clear trails climbed up and around the rocky ridgeline into the Bartang Valley and we followed the river for 2.5 hours rock hoping our way up until we reached the Idylic village of Geavis.

We were warmly greated by the locals and given tea and snacks. There is a fantastic network of homestays in the valley which give you a great balance of comfort and an authenic experience.

We relaxed in the sun on rugs drinking tea and watching the local kids play carefreely.

After a sound night sleep we were up early by the sound of the cockrel annoucing the day had arrived and we set off futher up the valley to explore the other village, 3 in total and the amazing blue lakes supplied by the raging river Bartang.

It was all too soon before we had to return to our now friends at out homestay for lunch and prepare for a sad departure back to out minibus via the crazy bridge.

The people of this valley are so friendly and happy it reminded me some much of Hunza and the easy and stressfree lifestyle that exsist there.

We were then back to the Adeventure of the Wakhan trek after our little break. We found out that Marc and the rest of the team will be meeting us today (friday) Inshallah where we will cross the border at Iskershim into Afghanistan, and where who know what adventures we'll have.

Ade the best Ade Summers Expedition Leader

Monday, July 27, 2009

Wakhan Trek - In Dushanbe

Quick update as the email is crap here.

Trying to start this trek in the wakhan seam difficult.

We arrive ok and met 2 of the group at istanbul airport. Arrived in Dushanbe the captial of Tajikistan at 3:40 the morning ok. But nothing seams to be going well on this trip as Marc the guy from the office bags did not aarrive and was left in Istanbul. It will get here on thursday Inshallah (if god wills).

The london and main part of the treking group consist of 9 people including the TV presenter Kate Humble ???? are at the monent flying to Istanbul and hope to pick up a Tajikistan airways fly the following day to arrive here tuesday evening. If on they will fly with Turkish ariline on wednesday night to arrive ealy thursday morning.

So the plan. I am taking to group here as normal plan to the border. If the London arrive on Tajik they will catchup up wednesday night.
If they fly Turkish they with meet us again at the border but we will have a day walk in another area on the way to the border.

I hope the plan works.

Wish me luck

Probably want hear from me in a few weeks no internet where I am going.

Take care and have fun


Ade Summers

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wahkan Trek - In Istanbul aiprort

Hi from Instanbul airport.

We we nade it here ok after the fun and games of yesterday, and few beers and a good night sleep and we jumped on a flight to Instanbul, where we will connect to Dushanbe.

Luck seamed to be on our side until I just heard the the group flight out of London to connect with my flight is now delayed due to technical problems.

Let the fun continue, at least there is Efes beer at the airport here.

Fingers crossed


Wakhan Corridor Trek - Off to a great start

Well this trip has got off to a fault start.

Flight to Riga from Gatwick airport was depayed and we missed our flight to Dushanbe.

We rearrange our plans so that we spend the night in Riga and then fly to Villious and onto Moscow and then onto Dushanbe just a day late after a 24 hour travel day.

Big problem although we were told that it wasn't a problem. We were told that we did not need a visa for russia as we would be in transit. Wrong... we were not allowed on the flights and were refused boarding. So now waiting at the airport to fly back to Riga and fly onto Istanbul tomorrow and meet the main group at the aiport and arrive at 03;40 just 2 days late....

Heh oh. Ade Summers