Friday, July 01, 2011

The Great Karakorum Transverse

G'day all

Hope your all well and having fun.

I am in Bangkok on my way to Pakistan, I know a funny way to go from the UK to Pakistan, its a long story and I am not that fast at typing, just trust me.

Just a quick email before I leave for the airport.

I had a great but busy time in old blighty, manged to fit in a wet visit to the Alps which was nice. Now back to work.

I am leading probably one of the best treks you can do. It is the full transverse of the karakorum mountains in Pakistan. Have a look at

Really looking forward to it as it been a dream of mine to do this trip. It links 3 Glaciers crossing 2 high mountaineering pass to walk the full length of the Karakorum's. Pretty much from the India Himalayas to the junction of the Hundi Kush and Pamir ranges near Afghanistan. I have done the trek is 2 sections but never as 1 complete trek.

I will hopefully be sending updates via the Sat phone to my Twitter and Facebook status pages. Also the company I am leading for will be posting regular updates from me also.


I have quite a busy time in the next few months, after Pakistan I am going back to my beloved Mongolia to lead 2 climbing trips, and after that a bit of a holiday in China and plan to then get the Train to Tibet and cross the Himalayas to Nepal where I am leading a climb of Naya Kanga and another trip yet to be be decided, so busy times up to xmas.

Best go, wish me luck

All the best

Ade Summers

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