Saturday, September 19, 2009

G'day all from hot and sweaty Delhi.

Hope your all well and having fun.

I am back in Delhi after a great trek in Ladakh, but sadly no climbing as we had 2 days of heavy snow as we crossed the last high pass and sat in a tent for a day watching the snow fall. We were lucky late by being invited to the local nomads Buddhist teachings as there local Lama (Monk) visited them for there 1st a year bit of reglion. It as a great experience and we were guest off honour at the occasion, so once again good things arise from a not so good situation. It was really good being back in Leh, and Ladakh, it really is a special place in the world.

Relaxing this w/e before my new group arrive on Monday. This trips could be equally or more exciting that my last. I lead this trip 3 years ago when we were the first group to cross the 6000m Kalindi Kal pass on the India Tibet border after the area was opened up, due to India and China finally taking about there unresolved border up in Uttarkashi District , Uttarakhand.

I have just found out though that my permits are suspended because of heavy snow again and they will hopefully be reinstated before we get there. We are now planning to trek up to the pass, climb to the top of the pass and return the same way as there is a large army post 2 days the other side and we have no permits to cross. So this should be another fun one.

Keep smiling, all the best


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